I find composition in nearly everything I see.  The desire to capture an image, a moment in time, a quintessential expression, is deeply rooted in my soul. I began photographing over twenty years ago onto film using small, medium and large format cameras. For more than half of those years I developed my own negatives and made prints in the darkroom. I now shoot exclusively in digital format and have found that the skills honed working with film carry over to digital.  

Detroit Brooks

As a writer and a journalist my camera is a natural extension of my need to tell a story. I tend to approach my photography with a documentary style that lends itself well to events of all kinds. Music, particularly live music, is a passion of mine and photographing musicians at work is  something I gravitate towards. Travelling is also a passion of mine and my camera is my constant companion when I am out and about.  I hope you enjoy what you see as you explore my work.


Waiting for the train


Individual photos are available for sale in a variety of sizes, materials, and products as well as for download. Prices are displayed when the 'buy' button is clicked.  

I am available for hire for events or for a personalized photo shoot at an hourly rate. My rate is $100 per hour.  A CD of the photo shoot for personal non commercial use is included in the hourly rate.

For publicity and promo shoots my rate is $50 per hour. The final images are available at a discounted rate for the entire collection or as individual photos at full price.  

    Events          Music          People                  Life!    

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